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Reaching your target audience maybe difficult sometimes. You might have identified some gap between your advertisement placement and the relevance of content.

Creafi Online Media leverages Semantic Targeting to enable clients to develop more accurate campaigns.

Creafi is actually working with best-of-breed semantic targeting technology providers. They are at the forefront of semantic algorithm engines. They have reengineered the traditional keyword and contextual matching to deploy real semantic analysis, focusing on the meaning of words.

Semantic advertising increases the chance that the viewer will engage with an ad because only advertising relevant to what they are viewing, and therefore their interests, should be displayed.

Key Benefits:

• Efficiently place ads by delivering impressions in the right context to the right consumer. Reach your target audience by combining the emotional aspect of ad and content. Improve your CTR by leveraging the semantic understanding of feelings and behaviors.
• Transparent and actionable brand protection for every impression served allowing advertisers to prevent ads from appearing next to high risk content. Page-level assessment of inappropriate content.
• Ensure brands a trusted, transparent, 100% brand-safe environment for their ad investments .More relevant, accurately placed ads guarantee brand protection and lead to higher brand ROI.

Semantic Targeting performed by Creafi Online Media is based on a 3-dimensional approach:

It is based on several quality indicators, so you can include or avoid from: UGC, homepages, languages, ad position, etc,...

you can define your safety criteria and prevent your ad display in pages with objectionable or misaligned content: alcohol, drugs, torrents, negative news, etc,…

topic and context are analyzed to deploy full content categories taxonomy: Automotive, Business, Careers, Education, etc,…