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Crazy4Media and the future of meetings

The last OmExpo event took place in Madrid from the 9th to the 10th of April and served as the setting to present the new team member in Crazy4Media Group. The new recruit is a robot that allows remote access for any team member or client anywhere in the world.

The principle philosophy of the Crazy4Media group is to offer a personalized hands on approach to all their customer’s needs. Our new Robotic recruit allows the end controller to move around the workplace, or event, via any PC or mobile device.

For example a customer in L.A. could ‘virtually’ visit our headquarters in Seville and take a tour around the office. This way they can see in real time, the office space and how many people work in the team. What’s more, instead of having to gather in a meeting room using a fixed videoconferencing computer, using the robot they can have a meeting and interact with their contacts in the office face to face.

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OMExpo 2014 Review

Last week, during the 9th and 10th of April , took place OMEXPO at IFEMA (Madrid).OMExpo is the yearly gathering for professionals in the digital marketing sector. Crazy4Media was represented by several professionals of its main companies (Creafi , Froggie and HaxHax).

OMExpo highlights

Among the main innovations, we would highlight the following:

* Content marketing is booming in the world of online advertising. It helps strenghten brand presence and introduce it to customers in a subtle way.

* Compared with other European countries , Spain still have a long way to go , specially if we compare to the UK, France or Germany. The Spanish industry has an increasing growth in Latin America and there is an unexplored venue in Asia to keep in mind, we should not forget that the world is global.

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Come and meet us!! Mobile World Congress 2014

Come and meet us!! Mobile World Congress

From 24th to 27th february, come and meet us at MWC, which will be taking place in Barcelona(Spain). If you want to make your appointment with us in advance there contact us through email

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Come and meet us!! Appsworld San Francisco

From 5th to 6th September, come and meet us at Appsworld, which will be taking place in the tech capital of the world San Francisco at the Moscone Center. If you want to make your appointment with us in advance there contact us through email

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Creafi Online Media boosts its mobile traffic

Do you keep traffic via mobile devices in mind?

Mobile devices now count for over 15% of global internet traffic. User behaviour is rapidly changing as we increasingly turn to our phones and tablets running on Android and IOS (IOS 7 for the lucky ones) to search and surf the web.

The main reason for this phenomenon is based on the fact that mobile devices are much more accessible nowadays. Whether we're surfing the net at home on the sofa, or on the high street shopping and waiting in queues, smartphones and tablets are always within easy reach of the user.

Creafi Online Media's main priority is to generate and maintain successful campaigns for its clients and media partners. This goes for both web and mobile traffic and performance is key on both platforms.

Don't lose another minute and contact us via the Creafi website or send us an email,and start to gain an advantage over your competitors in reaching your target market .

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Retargeting on Facebook, new Creafi service.

¿1.150 millones de potenciales clientes? !Sí, quiero!

Advertising on Facebook is a great opportunity to generate business in two stages, firstly by vastly improving your Branding and secondly by achieving better results and more new customer conversions. If you are not yet taking advantage of this market, you're not on the right track. Retargeting on Facebook will allow you to effectively reach your audience, without spending any more money than traditional banner display campaigns.

Promote your campaign to Facebook users who have visited your website recently and at the same time boost branding to your regular customers. Connect with them when they are at a prime potential time to respond to new information and convert whilst surfing their familiar social media sites. Get ready to improve your ROI (return on investment); because it has been proven that these campaigns are cost-effective and generate many clicks and conversions.

Remember, the % of consumers who finally purchase or subscribe to services through social networks, are growing hugely day by day. So, contact us at the website or directly by email and we'll do the work for you, efficiently, quickly and potentially to your needs.

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Creafi Online Media opens in France, Mon Dieu!

One of our key destinations this semester is France. We started off last week in September at the successful E-commerce Paris 2013, event where all the latest e-commerce and e-marketing trends were on show. Right there we took the opportunity to meet up with the leading advertisers (agencies and networks), as well as accredited and reliable publishers.

Our aim is to consolidate and expand relationships with our partners abroad, in France. If you are interested in setting up a meeting you can contact our office in Paris on 0033 665201624 or send an email to our country manager Manuela Pavón .

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Crazy4Media adtech London 2013 Review

Adtech London was a great event as always, proving to be an essential part of the calendar year for Creafi when it comes to meeting advertisers and publishers new and old. What's more we're able to find out about clients needs and issues in person as well as the latest trends to tackle these issues and ride the technological wave when it comes to offering the best interactive solutions. Most in demand were:

• Video Advertising (preroll, midroll, postroll and video advertising content).

• Traffic via mobile, ad banner or video embedded banners.

• RTB, the new trend in advertising, part of our recently launched innovative platform.

Not forgetting the main request of all advertisers, Transparency and Quality Publishers, something we have demonstrated for over 10 years with our premium network of 1000's of sites categorized into 44 different content channels, such as entertainment, business and finance...etc

Not only were we absorbing all the latest market trends at AdTech, but Crazy4Media co-founder, Tom Horsey, shared his in-depth knowledge with an interesting talk he gave about "Key Trends in Online Advertising".

Finally, as a curious note, we were interviewed by "5 Digital" one of the leading terrestrial TV channels in the UK. Alan Coote, managing director took a personal interest on our group's ability to provide global digital marketing solutions.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services and take up work with us you can go through our website or directly by email .

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Crazy4Media en dmexco 2013

Just as fruitful was the Dmexco conference, not just any old event, but a "Digital Marketing Megatrends" event, that was attended by key members of our team, Peter Dinnage , Sonia Lagoa and Jenni Morrison, our new office manager in Los Angeles.

They met and shared information with many marketing experts , industry leaders and visitors . Many meetings were held with European publishers and agencies interested in joining our ad network, but we also were able to attend talks and take stock of the latest digital marketing trends. Contact us if you want our team to apply these latest industry trends and make your company stand out from the crowd. Send us an email today to

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Tom Horsey at eShowMadrid

This year at the eShow Madrid, Crazy4media Co-Founder Tom Horsey, chose the Mobile area to deliver his talk to a number of Spanish marketing experts on digital marketing trends, highlighting the particular importance of the localization. If you weren't able to attend, here's a few of the key points brought up in his talk.

• Personalization is primordial.

• Think how the user changes with each device.

• Adapting to the needs of each device.

• Do you really need a mobile Application?

• Solomo, Mobile First.....there's many reasons why these practices are in use today.

We can happily bring these aspects and any other new insights to your campaigns. Don't hesitate to get in contact

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Come and Meet us!! Adtech New York 2013

We are already organizing our schedules for Adtech New York (6th-7th November) where 6 of our representatives will be available to discuss business with you in meeting room number 9.Contac us to make your appointment.

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Real Time Bidding

Creafi Online Media a leading ad network monetizing premium publisher inventory to advertisers globally has just launched a new Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform.

It brings numerous benefits to publishers and advertisers,including the option to run self serve campaigns via the Creafi trading desk.

Agency partners: Thanks to the Creafi trading desk, campaign control and spending efficiency have been greatly improved, and better results are being delivered to their clients.

Advertisers: We have launched improved targeting capabilities, including in-app mobile traffic, cost-effective reach frequency and last but not least, the elimination of wasted impressions through the use of the real time buying technology and the use of advertiser specific passbacks.

Publishers: Have significantly increased revenues, in particular those that sign exclusive deals with Creafi, as the 30 man sales team is then able to aggressively promote the traffic to the appropriate advertisers both manually, and via the sytem.

Added 2013-08-13

Creafi Online Media launches their LA office!

We've been counting down the days to the opening of our new office in Los Angeles.

The US is at the very top of digital comunication, so at Creafi Online Media, as a leading online advertising network couldn't miss the opportunity of a physical presence in the market. As you know, one of our main goals is to provide a service based on our philosophy of personalized expert advice, so in order to assist our US clients more quickly and efficiently we are transferring much of their day to day contact base to the US office and the Account Management team there.

Located in the trendy area of Santa Monica with lots of other media agencies, you can come and visit us anytime:

Creafi Online Media USA 212 marine street, suite 100, santa monica, CA 90405

Contact us if you want to set up an appointment through Creafi websitee or just send an email to, our local team will be happy to help!

Added 2013-08-13

Creafi Online Media route to e-commerce success

Creafi Online Media provides contextualization and behavioral marketing services in order to help your e-commerce platform to be successful:

-You'll be able to segment your users demographically and by their behaviour and interest.

-Over achieve your goals, such as increased conversions and reduced drop-out rates.

-Direct and personalized support to design and launch efficient marketing campaigns, guaranteed to hit your ROI objectives!

Do you have an e-commerce platform? Do you want it to be sucessful? Do you need help in launch your marketing campaigns? Contact us at

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Come and Meet us!! Adtech London 2013

From 11th to 12th September, come and meet us at Adtech London, the best European event for digital advertising and marketing, where you'll be able to keep up to date with latest news and services. Find us at booth number 400, just beside the Networking Lounge and the Display Advertising Seminar room. Take advantage of your visit and enter our $1000 giveaway of highly effective online advertising, contact us( if you want to make your appointment with us in advance here hurry, our schedules are filling up already!

In addition, one of our senior partners, and COO of Creafi Online Meida, Tom Horsey, will be giving a talk from 9:55 to 10:15 on the 11th September on how to improve ROI on your display and video advertising campaigns, so don't forget to add it to your schedule. It's taking place in Theatre 3 (Mobile/Mobile Video).

Added 2013-05-02

Come and meet us!! Figaro digital

Tom Horsey co-founder of The Crazy4media Group and Froggie CEO, will explain how we can deliver effective messaging and generate direct response.

Save the date: 23 May 2013 The Hospital Club, Covent Garden(London)

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Case Study: Creafi sees a 5X lift in eCPM with the help of Right Media’s Reserve Price enhancements

Whether it’s an airline ticket, a bunch of bananas or an ad impression on a website, when you sell a “perishable commodity” with a limited lifespan, you want to get the most value possible—but you also want to make sure it sells before its value falls to zero. Having pricing flexibility, in conjunction with lots and lots of data about the marketplace and its buyers, goes a long way toward ensuring that a seller isn’t throwing out spoiled fruit or seeing web pages with house ads.

This was top-of-mind for ad network Creafi when it agreed to participate in the pilot launch of new Reserve Price enhancements from Right Media. With these new price controls, Creafi was able to filter out lower-quality campaigns to increase CPMs for its publishers.

The Challenge

Creafi was born in 2005 as an advertising brokerage for financial clients, and since has evolved into a transparent network that helps publishers book premium campaigns from global agencies. The firm began working with Right Media in 2006. “Right Media offers fantastic reach for advertisers,” says Tom Horsey, Co-Founder of Creafi Online Media. “And one thing we really love is that it allows high fill rates for publishers across all geographies, not just in ‘premium’ territories.”

While the partnership with Right Media was initially a success, Creafi found that it was also handling large volumes of traffic that were passed to CPA campaigns that did not convert. “These were often running with lower-quality creatives, which was causing problems with our publisher base,” Horsey recalls. “We needed a higher level of pricing control that would enable us to cut out these underperforming creatives and campaigns.”

The Solution

When Creafi was offered an opportunity to participate in a pilot launch of Right Media’s Reserve Price enhancements in 2012, it was a no-brainer. “Given the campaign coverage offered by Right Media in non-premium territories, it was the obvious choice for us,” says Horsey. “This coverage, combined with Reserve Price, has allowed us to maintain good fill rates and lets us weed out lower-quality CPA campaigns.”

Creafi began working with Right Media on the Reserve Price implementation, and found that it offered immediate benefits. “It has the granularity needed to optimize in a more focused and easy-to-implement solution, more so than on any other platform Creafi works with,” says Horsey.

Horsey also praised the ease of implementation. “It has the ability to set up at a general level on each publisher account within seconds, then optimize according to time limitations based on an analysis of the statistical reporting available within the system.”

The Results

Upon implementation, Creafi discovered that Reserve Price enabled the firm to decrease the proportion of impressions sold to non-performing campaigns, thereby improving both the quality of service to publishers, and its competitive positioning within the marketplace.

Specifically, Creafi’s results were:

On higher CPM publishers, Creafi has experienced increases in overall eCPM of up to 5X through its use of the Reserve Price enhancements during the pilot launch.

On lower CPM publishers, overall eCPMs largely remained flat but Creafi is serving far less traffic to lower-quality creatives and non-converting CPA campaigns.

It is serving less traffic to “unwanted” campaigns, instead diverting it to house ads, or to sell it on a spot-pricing basis, depending on fill rates.

All in all, Horsey praises Reserve Price as “a very positive improvement in the system.” This wasn’t surprising, given his past experience with Right Media. “What makes Right Media unique is its phenomenal reach; its fill rates, particularly in non-premium geo’s; and its new-found energy in terms of new product releases,” he explains. “In the past year or so we have noticed a frenetic degree of improvements within the system, and that has been very well received.”

About Creafi

Creafi Online Media has offices in Malta, Spain, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Slovakia and London, and will shortly be opening offices in Cape Town and Mexico City. The firm prides itself on providing publishers with quality advertising at competitive eCPMs, and advertisers with effective, transparent campaigns.

Posted on RightMedia blog

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OMExpo Madrid 2013

On the 24th and 25th of April come and meet us in OMExpo, a reference in the digital marketing and online advertising sector. Our support staff will be on hand to help you at booth number 616. We will also be presenting our upcoming solutions in mobile, online and audiovisual marketing.

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2013 Crazy4Media Review

Crazy4Media couldn't miss the biggest annual event for the world's mobile communications industry. So, our key technical and account management and strategy staff attended the latest edition of the show, taking place in Barcelona.

It was lots of hard work, but turned out to be a fruitful few days, in which we carried out plenty of commercial activity, including the signing of multiple software developer distribution agreements.

Main conclusions from the show:

-The congress always offers new gadgets and devices, and this year almost all of them focused on size, with devices getting bigger year by year. A new word has even been added to our dictionary: Phablets!

- The mobile operating systems war is heating up, Android looks set to remain dominant, yet three new mobile operating systems were showcased at the event: Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS and Blackberry 10.

- There were huge offers of new devices by new Asian mobile phone manufacturers such as ZTE and Huawei, in addition to many new "unknown" brands, either looking to offer white label branding opportunities, or to establish themselves as the "new" thing!

- Whilst on the topic of devices, we were interested on a personal level by some "indestructible" devices targeted at the construction industry, but worth buying for anyone that drops their phone from time to time…

- There was an interesting focus on mobile connected devices, in the city in general (e.g. for the tracking of bicycle lane usage), in the car (e.g. seamless connectivity with the navigation and music software on your phone), and even in the home home (from your microwave through to your TV)

- A noticeable absence.. indeed more than just one: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Blackberry and Amazon.

- Lots of accessories; headphones, cases and health related products.

- We also pay attention to the fact that mobile payments are on fire.

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London Afiliatte Conference

Tom Horsey, co-founder of The Crazy4Media Group, gave a talk during the London Affiliate Conference that took place in London in February, if you weren't able to attend but you want to know the subjects that were discussed, keep reading, because we have summarized the main topics. The talk focused on the usage of mobile applications (native and html5) as lead generation tools, and on Five tips for improving mobile display advertising campaign performance:

-Think about segmenting not only by operation system, but also by operating system version. There are large differences in pricing between different versions of different operating systems.

-Think about segmenting your campaigns into wifi and non-wifi bookings. Non-wifi traffic is much more expensive in many markets.

-Use mobile web campaigns for more complicated purchasing decisions and conversion processes, and in-app for more simple ones. Users tend to be in a different state of mind when navigating online and using apps. The mobile web is used to "search", in-app to "play".

-Dedicate resources to you app store SEO, it is one of the more effective ways of achieving application downloads.

-Test out direct download campaigns for your Android apps, in addition to app store downloads. The installation process is faster, you can design the landing page as you like, and generally the marketing possibilities are broader.

-Track your installation, and uninstall rates, not only the downloads achieved. Some media will achieve very high levels of downloads, but few installations; some media will provide high levels of installations, but also high install rates; some will provide many downloads, many installations, and few uninstalls!

Added 2013-04-05

Creafi Online Media's next destination.. Mexico!

Creafi has decided to expand to Mexico. Our international presence is growing fast and in the right direction, especially in South American countries. Creafi Online Media belongs to the elite of advertising, and this launch allows us to fulfil our advertiser and publisher needs even more effectively.

The launch of Mexico follows the recent openings (in the last five months!) of United Kingdom (London), Malta (Valletta) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Added 2013-04-05

TOP 20 GEOS Creafi Online Media

Here are our top 20 geos for last week, with our total monthly volume being approximately 10 billion impressions.

United States 897.408.392

Spain 163.480.751

France 134.090.733

United Kingdom 132.120.364

Germany 119.483.995

Italy 111.814.414

Brazil 111.179.658

Canada 85.201.418

Australia 65.850.040

Netherlands 65.719.569

Belgium 36.324.704

Thailand 35.438.515

RussianFederation 35.069.495

Colombia 32.072.305

Mexico 31.053.184

Sweden 29.995.279

Poland 24.460.883

Argentina 21.943.855

India 20.190.155

New Zealand 19.613.159

Switzerland 18.598.179

Malaysia 17.427.514

Saudi Arabia 15.797.228

China 15.657.114

Ireland 12.825.208

Austria 12.746.195

Denmark 12.030.588

South Africa 10.276.928

Turkey 10.230.177

Ukraine 10.191.319

Added 2013-02-10

Creafi improves their quality traffic day by day

Creafi Online Media keeps improving traffic quality using the most advanced optimization techniques and world class quality control technologies. To this end, in Q2 of 2012 we set up a specific quality control team, and in the Q3 a behavioural marketing team. As a result, we have significantly improved our advertisers’ campaign results, boosting overall advertiser ROI by 30% in Q3, and 20% in Q4.

Find out how you can take advantage of these improvements by contacting us through our website, or sending us a mail to, our team will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have.

Added 2013-02-10

The crazy4media group expansion has no limits, ¡Viva Brazil!

As we informed in our last newsletter, last november we set up a new office in Sao Paulo. The second biggest city in the world, it houses more than 95% of Brazilian companies and advertising agencies. That added to Brazil’s 260+ million mobile devices and almost 100 million fixed line internet users, the city and country are a fantastic base for the upcoming Crazy4Media expansion in South America.

Since our launch in November, our country representative, Juanda García, has started collaborating with many of the online advertising companies operating in Brazil. Companies such as Havas Digital, Borgui-Lowe, Admotion, Media Opportunities, Propeg and Bullet all now know first hand what we have to offer.

Why not find out for yourself too? Please visit our website, or send us an email to to contact our sales team.

Added 2013-02-10

Behavioral Marketing Campaigns

Last September Creafi Online Media launched their first Behavioral Marketing campaigns for in-house advertisers, with very impressive results. From our analytical results you can see the positive development in impressions and clicks, in addition to the increase in the number of campaigns and ad spend.

Added 2012-12-09

Creafi had to be there, they land in Brazil!

Brazil is one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, coupled this with strong growth in smarphone penetration, has created a large demand for display and video advertising, above all on mobile devices.

Creafi Online Media has high quality international publishers network ready to meet this need.To both improve our publisher reach, and fulfill the advertiser demand, we have therefore set up a physical presence in Sao Paulo, inaugurated in November. This follows the recent opening of both London and Valletta (Malta) in September.

Added 2012-12-09

Creafi's traffic grows daily

In October Creafi Online Media reached an average of 15 million unique users per day!! Here is the data from selected countries:

Country/Daily Unique Visitors:

United States: 10.282.740 | United Kingdom: 986.830 | Germany: 984.230 | France: 871.910 | Canada: 488.800

Spain: 478.920

Please contact here for additional information.

Added 2012-12-09

Creafi had a huge presence throughout the Adtech NY event

Despite some uncertainty following Hurricane Sandy, AdTech NY 2012 finally pressed on. The two day event was attended by the hottest companies in online marketing and advertising.

Creafi Online Media exhibited their new services in behavioral targeting, their display and pre-roll advertising solutions, as well as their mobile advertising capabilities. All useful for those that want to expand and improve their advertising effectiveness.

Added 2012-12-09

Pre-Roll Video Advertising: The new monetization service offered by Creafi to increase advertiser´s

Creafi Online Media anticipates sector trends, and after 18 months of extensive experience with in-banner video, now offers publishers the possibility to run pre-roll video advertising.Launching this month of November we are currently in a period of publisher acquisition under very attractive terms, as well as offering advertisers special Christmas deals.

As always, the Creafi staff is on hand to help with this new solution, thereby improving their publishers' profits and their advertisers' advertising campaign effectiveness.

Added 2012-10-15

Creafi Online Media presents during eShow Madrid 2012

The online advertising company, Creafi Online Media, participated in the 2012 edition of eShow Madrid, the 26th and 27th of September, with more than 12.000 attendees visiting the show.

During the show Creafi Online Media showed the attendees how Creafi provides high quality online media solutions to advertisers and publishers globally through their world class online technologies and expertise. In the same way, they showed the global interactive marketing solutions offered by the Crazy4Media group, in particular those related to audiovisual marketing and streaming solutions.

Added 2012-10-15

Creafi Online Media celebrates their new London office during Adtech London, September 2012

Once again, the Crazy4Media Group was present with a stand during Adtech London thanks to the participation of Creafi Online Media. This year was particularly exciting as Creafi was celebrating the opening of their London (located in Charlotte Street), and their Malta (located in Valleta), offices, both of which opened on the 1st September.

To celebrate this, the company took part in the pub crawl organised by the event, as well as giving away $1000 of highly effective online display advertising in a prize draw.