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Basic Targeting
Sites/URLs: focus on specific publishers.
Techno: define operating system, web browser, device type, carrier and/or connection speed.
Geo/IP: enhance your precision selecting your country, region or even city.
Demographic: gender, age and language.
Frequency/Daypart: select your frequency cap and when your message will be more relevant along the day.
Channel/Categories: reach sites in your desired verticals.
Behavioral targeting
(also known as behavioral or interest based advertising)
is a growing way of making the
advertising you see on websites
more relevant to your interests and preferences.
It is a based upon previous
unidentifiable web browsing activity,
such as pages viewed, searches
performed and ads clicked on.
Semantic targeting
Reaching your target audience maybe difficult sometimes. You might have identified some gap between your advertisement placement and the relevance of content. Semantic advertising increases the chance that the viewer will engage with an ad because only advertising relevant to what they are viewing, and therefore their interests, should be displayed.
Repeat your message to users/visitors interested on your products or services and boost your efficiency.
Combine your retargeting strategies in display, social media and search marketing to improve your results.
Advanced Audience Targeting is the ability to target users and consumers based on who they are and how they behave on the internet.

Be customizing who sees your ads based on behavior and context, you ensure potential customers are receiving your message and you increase the efficiency of your budgets.